Why is diabates?Symptoms and treatment of diabetes.

Why is diabates?Symptoms and treatment of diabetes.


Every year, November is celebrated as Diabetes Awareness Month.It is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and November 7, World Diabetes Day is celebrated worldwide.
According to reports by The World Health Organization and ICMR, the number of diabetics worldwide has steadily increased over the past few decades.But why this growing?
Its exact cause is still unknown.Diabetes is the common cause of our unhealthy lifestyle.That is why doctors consider it as ‘lifestyle disease’. At present, everyone is aware of their health.
But in the midst of it, diabetes Sitting on the life.But how?Because in most cases we are aware of our own health in the face of a complex illness.
Before that, we immerse ourselves in chaotic living.However let’s be committed to keeping ourselves fully healthy and keeping myself from diabetes.Let’s follow some rules.

What is diabetes and why?


We have been hearing from ancient times that the symptoms of the body called ‘honeybee’ are the present day ‘diabetes or diabetes.
The medical term is considered to be the result of the activity of mellitus, incipidus, ADH, anti-uretic hormone.
With the help of pancreatic insulin hormone, cells in the body absorb sugar or glucose from the blood.As a result, energy is produced in the body and the body is well-suited for movement.
When these insulin hormones, such as pancreatic volume, are unable to be produced, high levels of certain sugars or sugar may occur in the blood.As a result, people suffer from diabetes.
Symptoms of diabetes,There are some common symptoms of this disease.Diabetes can easily be identified if you take good care.

Symptoms of diabetes are:

1.Frequent urination and excessive glucose release from the body.
2.Frequently available water thirst.
3.Feeling of physical weakness.
4.Frequently starved.
5.Found to decrease vision strength.
6.Slow weight loss.
7.Feeling of pain in the hands and leg or occasionally fainting.
8.When a part of the body is cut off, it does not want to heal easily.
9.Decreased immunity.
10.The skin becomes dry.


Depending on the above symptoms, you may need to consult a doctor to determine how long the disease has lasted.

1. Different body tests should be done on the basis of the prescription made by the doctor.
2.Fasting plasma glucose test from fasting overnight or at least eight hours. (Normal blood plasma glucose levels in blood are less than 1 mg / dL It is normal and diabetes is higher than 125 mg / dL.)
3.Post-Prandial (PP) plasma glucose test done two hours after eating. (If the level of PP is higher than 1 mg / dL, it is considered normal. Diabetes is prescribed if it is more than 20 mg / dL.)

Treatment and Prevention

In patients with this disease, urine is frequently because of excessive glucoseĀ  from the body.As a result, the patient gradually feels physically weak.In this situation, if proper measures are not taken to control the disease, the body may suffer from problems with blood vessels, nerves, kidneys, eyes and heart.This problem can occur from death to death.Conversely, since there is a direct connection to the disease with lifestyle, it is important to make changes in the lifestyle before following any rules.

1.Follow the doctor’s advice.Take medicines at the right time.
2.Use regular insulin.
3.Vitamin D deficiency can lead to insulin resistance.
So start eating vitamin D rich foods like fish, milk, orange lemon juice, soy milk and eggs from today.Vitamin D deficiency can lead to insulin resistance.Consult a doctor if needed.
4.Eat barley daily.It has a lot of fiber, which fills the stomach for a long time.It also maintains the level of sugar.
5.Never be on an empty stomach.Take meals three to four hours a day.
6.In the morning, mix 1 tablespoon fenugreek powder with a glass of hot milk.Ingredients in fenugreek play an important role in reducing sugar levels quickly.
As a result, diabetes comes under control within a few days.
7.Eat greens vegetables every day.They help lower blood sugar levels.Example: bed vegetables, cornflower, lettuce vegetables.
8.Eat regular fruit daily.As a result, the fiber increases the body’s immunity.At the same time, blood sugar levels decrease.
9.Adequate watering is necessary to keep blood sugar levels normal.Diabetic patients should keep in mind the amount of water in the body decreases, but the situation will go out of hand.
So you should drink water in a timely manner.
10.Make juice by mixing aloe vera and water with raw yellow beets or yellow powder.Drink a little before dinner every night.The diabetes will gradually come under control.
11.Every morning and evening, the rule is to walk for 5 to 5 minutes and exercise the body.Sugar levels are very low.
12.First of all, patients with diabetes do not have to stay up all night.Waking up at night will only increase the level of illness.

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