relationship advice for men

Relationship advice for men- easily open a reletionship

Almost all the boys in the world want to impress a girl. All the boys want her to have a beautiful lover on her forehead. There is no limit to the suffering when boys are reject again and again after proposing love. Many people think that it is possible to attraction a girl by building a body. But these are misconceptions of people. Here are some relationship advice for men.

1. The first time you look at a girl, the moment you look her in the eye and speak. Don’t look at the girl’s body even if you make a mistake while talking, then the girl may have a bad idea about you.

2. Always try to be clean, neat and tidy and use perfume. Because girls like clean and fragrant boys.

3. Appreciate more and more when talking to the girls. Because it makes girls happy. Example: you look so beautiful today.

4. When you’re with a girl, don’t talk to the mobile or don’t use mobile in hand. So it is better not to use the mobile while talking. Because it will make the girl realize that you are not paying attention to her.

5. Treat her friends like friends Because girls more likes friendly and social boys.

6. Ask him various questions, especially in regard to him. Because girls always love to talk about themselves. Like asked him her favorite things. Like Preferred color, Dress of choice, food of choice, Favorite hero heroine etc you asked him.

7. Before you start working have an opinion with her as she will think you are giving her a lot of attention. Always try to convince him that you are careful to him, that you are fully attracted to him.

8. Always try to help him. Try to find out what he needs it. Because girls are always attracted to helpers.

9. If someone ever says something bad to a girl, then take her side. Because by doing so, she will understand that you are always with her in danger.

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