potato chips recipe-homemade chips recipe

Potato chips recipe


  • Potatoes – 1 kg,
  • Salt, pepper powder or paprika powder (1 tbsp, you can add more if you want)
  • Testing salt (to taste)
  • Chicken stock half a liter
  • Chicken Flavor Powder (according to your taste),
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder


1st Stape

Special dice have been used to cut the potatoes. You can find the cutter in the market. If not find, there is no problem. In general, you have to cut the potatoes by thinning the round. You can also cut in other designs if you want. This design is just to show beautiful.

2nd Stape

Cut the potatoes and wash them well. Then soak it in more water for half an hour. This step is very important. This washes away the excess starch in the potatoes. I’ve noticed that chips don’t get too crunchy if you don’t do this step.

3rd Stape

Let the chicken stock boil in the oven. When it boils, boil the potatoes in the water in the middle of it. It will not be boiled too much, it will be half boiled. Pick up this half boiled potato on a towel and spill whole water.

4th Stape

Now grind the salt. This salt is mixed with Chicken Flavor Powder, Paprika Powder, Testing Salt and Garlic. Make a mixture by mixing the powder together. Smear this mixture well on the potatoes and dry in the sun.

When dry, store in an air tight container. Now complete your potato chips recipe.

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