Here’s Nine Ways To Avoid Corona Virus

Present time Coronavirus has spread worldwide. About millions of people are affected by this virus. So far more than three thousand people have died. The virus spread worldwide from Wuhan, China. Experts have urged them to follow nine precautions to prevent coronavirus. Let’s know the precautions –
1. Corona is a fairly large virus. Still cannot be seen with an empty eye, an electron microscope will need to see it!
2. Due to its size, the masks available on the market will be able to withstand it.
3. Since the virus is not in the air, Standing on the ground. So it doesn’t spread in the air
4. Coronavirus can live for about 12 hours on any metal floor or object. So washing your hands with soap will be enough.
5. The virus can survive for about 4 hours in a cloth. So, if you w ashed your clothes and put it in the sun for 2 hours, it will die.
6. The virus can remain in the hands or skin for up to 5 minutes. So, if the germ mixed with alcohol is put into the hands of the destroyer, the germ will die.
7. Corona does not live in hot weather. 70 Celsius temperatures can kill it. Therefore, if you do not feel good, you can drink more hot water now, keeping distance from ice cream.
8. Gargle with salt water mixed with hot water will cleanse the mucus of the throat as well as remove the corona along with the organism in the tonsils, not infect the lungs.
9.The practice of giving a finger or a hand to the nose or mouth should be abandoned. Because, the front door of the germ to enter the human body is the nose-mouth-eyes.



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