Brainpower increases tips-improve your brain naturally.

A few simple tricks can enhance your memory. There are many of us who cannot remember the events or contents in a complete way.

Someone else learns the subject very easily. But In that case, If you think your memory is not like that people, then it would be wrong think. But everyone can not remember one way. Because, not everyone’s brain structure is the same.

Here are some simple techniques to enhance your brain

1. Reduce mental stress, relieve depression
Anger or anxiety can cause your brain to settle for a while. Which can have a significant effect on your memory loss. Depression under mental stress causes the most brain damage. Depression reduces your ability to relax and increases the level of cortisol in the blood. As cortisol levels rise, brain function decreases, especially in the hippocampus. Where short-term memory is stored. So reduce all emotional stress with depression as far as possible.

2. Listen to music
Researchers have shown that some music is useful for increasing memory. The thing is like this: If you listen to a song during an event, the memory of the conductivity of that event will be awakened in your brain when you listen to it again.

3. Exercise and keep the body moving
Exercise not only activates your body, it also keeps your brain active. Obesity and overweight are also harmful to your brain. If you do not exercise regularly or if the body is not active in the body organs, fat accumulates in the blood vessels. As a result, we disrupt normal blood circulation.
Oxygen is impeded by the blood in the brain. The brain cells can be damaged due to this. So exercise regularly, keep your body organs in motion.

4. Write down the contents
Make it a habit to write down the things you want to remember. It also has a scientific explanation. Oxygen increases blood flow to the brain during writing. So write in the diary, email to a personal blog.

5. Eat nutritious food
To increase brain function, you must eat vitamin-rich nutrients food. Eat foods rich in fresh fruits, green vegetable, fish, meat, eggs, milk, wheat breads, protein and mineral. Drink pure water in quantity. Avoid high-fat foods. Especially do not eat odor-contaminated foods. They are extremely harmful to health. And refrain from smoking and drug use. These are seriously damaging to your brain.

6. Teach others
What you want to learn. Learn it once and teach it to others. You will be able to catch the deficiencies you know by teaching others. There will be practice again by teaching another person. About something new you can share your thoughts with others. Then it will last in your memory.

7. Sufficient sleep
An adult man should sleep eight hours daily. A good sleep makes your brain more efficient. Sleep time is recent the data is kept in the brain. Therefore, regular sufficient sleep can increase the memory.

By following the above suggestion you can easily increase your memory.

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